Flower Gifting 101

Not everyone knows how to order flowers. Several times a day we take calls from someone who sheepishly asks how to send flowers. No matter if you are a seasoned flower gifter or a first timer there are some inside tips to help you get the best design for the person that you care about.

Phone or internet?

To order online or to call? The answer of course is yes! Any way that you are comfortable placing an order is the right way. Our personal preference is always a phone call. A gift of flowers is so very personal that we enjoy speaking with you to get a good feel of what you are looking to find. The main reason? Customer service! As easy as a web-based order can often be it can never provide personal customer service. And service is what we pride ourselves in above all else.

Cookie cutter or personal?

The phrase cookie cutter gets a bad wrap. There is a lot to be said for surfing a website and finding the design that you like best. Many of us are visual people and we prefer to see as close a representation of what we’re sending as possible. If that’s your vibe then seek away. We’ll be here waiting for you to tell us what to make and we’ll guarantee it will be beautiful.

Although….our favorite thing to hear is “I trust you”. Artistic license is what we live for! Floral design is an art and goodness knows DaVinci didn’t want to do paint by numbers all day. We want to create. The best way for you to have a better than average experience is to tell us about the person receiving these beautiful flowers. Is she hip and trendy? Is he traditional? Does she like fun and funky tropicals or carnations and daisies? Should we send a traditional vase or a keepsake or something out of the ordinary? Cowgirl? Fisherman? Punk rocker? Any insight at all that you can share about the person you are gifting that one of a kind design helps us create the floral arrangement that makes them feel as special as they possibly can.

Tulsa sunflowers


 How much should I spend?

Ah, the magic question! (There’s a secret tip at the end of this section!) Market prices vary. Some flowers cost quite a bit and others are inexpensive. If you or your friend loves peonies or standard calla lilies or maybe orchids you can expect to leave the shop with a much lighter wallet than you came in with. A good florist will recommend a mix of flowers that will feature premium flowers while filling in with different values to get the most impressive display for your money.

I know, I know, but the question is how much should I spend. Okay, as of today’s prices in the Tulsa market (different areas of the country have different pricing) a good place to begin the conversation is around $75 before taxes and delivery and any fees that may be applied. Most shops have a minimum order amount for delivery. Ours is currently $45. And of course, there is not a maximum. A typical day in our shop sees orders in the range of $45 to $500. There is no wrong amount. Just do what you are comfortable with and we’ll make sure that it’s beautiful.

Now for the quick tip! If you don’t have a lot to spend but you have a lot to say request that the designer do something artistic. Sometimes a few flowers can make a big impression.

Tulsa hi-style sunflowers


Keep ‘em fresh!

Sadly, part of what makes flowers such a treat is the impermanence. They aren’t made to last forever, only the memory. A reputable shop will take the best care to insure that your flowers have the potential for maximum life. For some types of flowers that can be an average of 7-10 days, for others it is 3-4 days. We try to blend flowers in an arrangement with longevity in mind so that as one bloom is wilted and must be pulled another is just opening.

Your part in all of this is to make sure that your flowers are in a dry cool place with frequent water changes and a little nip to the bottom of the stems every couple of days to help the stems pull water to the flower. The purpose of “flower food” is to reduce bacteria in the water. We’ve all had that stinky vase of flowers that we neglected, that funk is bacteria. Keeping greenery out of the water and making sure the water is fresh will keep your flowers smelling fabulous and help them to stay pretty for as long as possible.

Trust is key!

Establishing a relationship with a florist that you know and trust is as important as every other business relationship that you build. We are all more comfortable working together when you know what to expect from us and we know what pleases you most. It has been mentioned recently that I am…shall we say, less than young. So maybe it’s me, but I go to the same drive thru for my drink every day. I’ve used the same hairdresser for years (we have an unspoken agreement that she’ll remedy age related cosmetic maladies without comment), the same auto mechanic the same taco truck. These tried and true relationships know me. We enjoy seeing each other and briefly catching up and I know that they will take good care of me. That is the relationship we hope to have with our customers.