Sympathy Flowers With A Personal Touch


The single most important work that a florist does is sympathy design. The final message that you send a loved one is incredibly personal and must be perfect.

Often we are in no state of mind to have to make the over abundance of decisions and expenditures that must be made. It is your local florists job to make that process as smooth as possible. 

While many people are visual and are more at ease with an online search or pictures in a book, we recommend using that as a starting place. Gather ideas for a shape or a "look".  Then lets discuss your person. Did they love to garden? Perhaps your loved one was a fisherman, a cowboy, a motorcycle rider? Maybe they loved the tropics or birds or even StarWars. This experience is about you and about them. While there is nothing wrong with choosing flowers from a website you do have the option of creating something personal.

From incorporating cowboy hats or boots into a casket or urn piece to creating birds or musical instruments from flowers it is our mission and our honor to make the final farewell as personal as possible.  

Below are a few of the many personalized pieces that we have done.

Broken Heart Sympathy Design by Tulsa Blossom Shoppe

This is a take on the traditional broken heart design for a woman who had a yard filled with daisies.

Hummingbird funeral spray by Tulsa Blossom Shoppe

Although the photographer (me) lacked skills this exquisite hummingbird brought a fond knowing smile to the friends and family who came out to say farewell to a lovely woman who adored hummingbirds.

Sympathy flowers for a guitar player by Tulsa Blossom Shoppe

This triad was for a local guitar player with a special nod to the Harley that he loved. From left to right we have his personal guitar recreated in white cushion poms, an easel spray of the Harley Davidson symbol adorned with flowers and a classic design of flowers and guitar picks. 

Reasonably priced sympathy design by Tulsa Blossom Shoppe

A reasonably priced custom design that still stands out for a gentleman that loved the tropics.

Flower Choices

We are often asked which flowers are "traditional funeral flowers". The truest answer is that there are no parameters on the flowers for funeral design. While gladiolus and some other flowers get assigned that distinction it truly is just because the provide that height or mass to fill what is typically a large room with large ceilings with optimal presence. The right sympathy flower is the flower that best helps you to identify with the person that you have lost.


Price Range

Most funerals or celebrations of life are hosted in a very large room with large ceilings. Because of that it is easy for floral designs to look small or get "lost" in the space. That is the reason that most sympathy designs are shaped differently than flowers that you would choose during happier times. Because of that we generally recommend a higher price range than other designs. If your budget is prohibitive of building something larger then we recommend letting the designer build a more linear design than what may be considered traditional to make the best presentation that we can for you.


Frequent Questions About Sympathy Designs

How early can I send flowers?  That depends on the design of course but most designs will stay fresh throughout the visitation period through the service. We do not recommend that casket sprays or items on an easel such as a wreath be delivered more than 24 hours maximum before that service as they do not have a reliable water source.

Should I send a plant or flowers?  There is no right or wrong answer. Many people love and prefer plants, others do not. I will say that if you have a specific budget that you need to stay within a $40 or $60 plant is lovely and makes a better presentation in my opinion than that amount spent on a floral design.

What should I say on the card?  In my experience people are far less likely to remember the sentiment on the card than they are to remember who thought of them. Unless you are especially gifted with words you may want to do a brief search on the internet for sympathy sentiments. However, a simple message is plenty. People just want to know that you care.

Should I send something to the service or the home?  I personally believe that a room filled with flowers provides great comfort to a family. Somehow it can help to feel that your loved one was a priority to people. That being said, I know that a few days after the service can be the hardest and frequently loneliest time. A thoughtful gesture in the days that follow can mean a great deal. If your budget allows I recommend both.